Monday, April 5, 2004

Deceased Bovine & Stiff Forearms

When I turned on my car radio this morning at 6:30, I heard traffic was backed up on the last stretch of my commute because a cow had been killed by a car 30 minutes before. Well, I'm a fan of gore, so I drove extra fast so I could have a chance at seeing the cow.

About 20 minutes later, I ran into the traffic and saw in the distance work trucks lined up in the left hand emergency lane -- an emergency response vehicle, a dump truck and a flatbed truck carrying a backhoe. Could all this be for a cow? I moved into the left lane to investigate. It was a rare moment of rubber necking for me who curses drivers for slowing down to look at anomalies on the highway. My "reward" for this was seeing a brown cow with a long tail lying on its right side. Its legs were pretty much in tact, but its torso and head were mangled. I looked like a quick death, thankfully.

I heard later that drivers called the police at 10:00 last night to report a cow that was close to the highway, but thorough searching netted nothing. At 6:00 a.m. a truck struck the cow first, then two cars made contact. I haven't heard if any people were injured.

In lighter news...

I borrowed an industrial power washer from my great neighbor, Bob, yesterday. I had great fun with it, washing all the pebbled concrete on our front walk, driveway and back patios. The difference is night and day. All the plastic is shining now too -- Grady & Liam's playhouse, the adirondack chairs, doormats, the cooler. Colleen and Grady tested it out too. We had lots of fun, but my four hours of holding that powerful wand left my forearms and back a bit tight today.

The lines I made with the power washer on the concrete were mesmerizing.

Grady laid down in the muddy water and I had to power wash his pants (from the safe distance of about five feet) and he loved it.

Grady kept putting a plastic easter egg in the path of the water, so I gave him a good time by stopping the stream, putting half an egg on the tip, then turning the water back on. The plastic egg flew about 60 feet in the air, and had a nickel sized hole in the top.