Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Pass me the eggs, Muskie

One year in college I watched the cartoon Deputy Dawg every once in a while. One time the mole character was stealing eggs with the muskrat character, Muskie. Muskie was handing the eggs to the blind mole over a wall. Needless to say, Deputy Dawg happened upon the scene and apprehended Muskie. The mole didn't know this and kept whispering "pass me the eggs Muskie...pass me the eggs." Deputy Dawg was just standing there staring at him like he was an idiot.

Well, call me Deputy Rawb, because I had a blind mole unaware of my presence this morning when I let Coltrane out. I saw a undulating pile of dirt right off the cement patio. This mole had burrowed along the edge of the patio and entered the lawn. Because I was standing on the patio, he didn't hear the vibration of my steps. Happily, Colleen had left out a shovel from last weekend's yard work and I was able to grab it and plunge it in and out of the earth all around the movement. I think I got him, because 30 minutes later as I was leaving for work, no more earth had been disturbed.

The crime scene:

The nearest mound is where I think I got him.

If you want to see a hilarious mouse capture, visit the site of Erik Henne, who got me interested in beginning my blog. I borrowed the name "Hearsay" from Erik's blog. He's a UW student with an active life. If you read the comment section in my last post, you saw that Chelsie commented. Chelsie is a sister of one of Erik's friends. She writes very funny blog posts about her students and guys who hit on her. She provided a link to her blog in her comment.

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