Thursday, May 27, 2004

Whir of Blah

Our lives are a whir of details and activity right now. Nothing too interesting to post. Liam is feeling much better and the drip from his nose is tapering off, so we think the surgery was successful. And, what is dripping is clear. It had been green for so many months -- good bye infection!

Vacations are hard work. Preparing for them is almost as tedious as unpacking after they're all over.

My brother-in-law, Chris, and I have been trading stock tips. We're having fun and I'm learning a lot from him. His positions in stocks are much larger than mine, but we're in a couple of the same ones, so enjoy celebrating positive movement and lessening each other's unease when there is negative movement. I own ADBL, CORI, FARO, IWO, YHOO and CLZR. I've owned ADBL and CORI off an on for a number of years, but just increased my positions substantially. IWO is an index fund, and has done very well for me over the last couple of years. That's a long term hold. FARO, CLZR and YHOO are the new purchases and I'm in the black already. It's a fun market these days.

Battling a cold that I hope goes away before we board the plane next Sunday.

Looking forward to the long weekend.

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