Friday, July 16, 2004

Not giving up

I know it's been forever since I've updated Hearsay.  So much to say about our trips.  We arrived home yesterday after 41 days away.  Our house & dog sitter did a fantastic job.  Grady and Liam were happy to see Coltrane and seem to have adjusted to the time change.  They are pros at it by now.
I'll post trip notes soon, but to get back in the groove...
Local news.  Out and about in Clackamas for the first time since the first week of June, we discovered a Lowes is going in less than 3 miles from our home.  They tore down a lousy excuse of a furniture store and already have the walls up in the new Lowes.  I think by September 1 I'll be spending money there.  The manager at the always-empty Big K-Mart in the shared parking lot must be jumping for joy as much as we are.
I made a run to the local farm stand and bought the most delicous peaches and apricots.  I had intended to by a flat of blueberries also, so we could begin freezing them in big ziploc bags so the boys can have them all fall and winter.  When I asked how much the flat of six overflowing pints was, the kid working the stand said, "$19.99."  But, an older guy who had pulled up in a truck to unload some more fruit interrupted and asked me, "Are you a good guy?"  "Sure," I said.  "Well, then come back over the weekend because our fields are overflowing with blueberries and we're going to have untouchable, unbeatable prices beginning Saturday."  "What will the price be?," I asked.  He said, "I can't tell you because if the word gets out, all the farm stands will lower their prices to try and beat me.  But, trust me, come back Saturday for unbelievable prices.  Tell your friends."  I did just that and left a message with Jon and Cara Walker.  I'll let you know what the Saturday prices come in at.

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