Friday, July 30, 2004

Summer, baby!

Man, I love summer.  Always have, always will.  My favorite holiday is 4th of July, my favorite sport is baseball, my favorite vacation destination is the beach and my favorite clothes are warm weather ones.

I was reminded how much I love summer yesterday.

I picked Grady up from school last night and he was out in the playground running around with a couple of friends.  I stayed back to watch.  He then led the group over to an area where kids dig with big shovels.  He worked hard lifting dirt out of it.  When he finally saw me, he beamed, and he was dripping wet with sweat.  I kept his window down while we drove to pick up Liam and while we drove home. 

He fell asleep in the car (something he hasn't done in more than a year) with the warm wind whipping his hair around.  I took his shoes and socks off, thinking it would be more comfortable for him, and I was rewarded with a sleepy grin and some movement of free toes.

I had my window all the way down too (Liam enjoys the wind in his face) and I was transported back to my childhood when my family would take car trips to Ocean City, MD or the Outer Banks, NC or the Jersey Shore.  The warm wind that buffetted my eardrums always put me in a half-conscious snooze.  Yesterday that feeling washed over me as I cruised north on I-205 -- not the sleepy feeling but the warmth of childhood memories.

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