Sunday, August 15, 2004


Yesterday I was stung by a bee. His hive must have been hunting me since the spider incident. I was playing baseball with Grady and walked over some clover with sandals on, and I "picked up" a bee in my sandal. When I stepped down, it stung me on the under portion of my toe. It's itchy, swollen and numb, still. Good for that hive!

I hadn't been stung by a bee since I was in 1st grade. I used to have to carry a bee sting kit with me when I went to play at my friend's, Joshua Holmes, house. Complete with a tourniquet. So, considering I hadn't been stung since then, I kept a close eye on what the sting did to my system. No trips to the ER, thankfully.

You can imagine how excited Grady was to see me howling in surprise/pain. :)

Colleen and I went to the Street of Dream home tour today to gawk at $1.2M - $1.9M homes. We've been 3 out of the last 4 years. These homes came in second place to our first time. The homes this year were about 4 miles from our house, and were only semi-impressive. 4 car garages were the norm, which seemed excessive and took too much of the footprint of the homes -- it could have been used for better purposes. Observations:
  • Granite counters seem to be out of fashion; mostly treated marble or synthetic surfaces.
  • Garage floors are no longer bare concrete, but coated in spongy/treated material.
  • Bedrooms are disappearing. In these homes that averaged 6,000 Sq. Ft, the most bedrooms we saw was four, the norm was three.
  • Outdoor living is HOT. Great built-in grills, outdoor seating and plasma televisions.
  • Shower doors are passé. Lots of giant two-person showers with angled floors to catch any stray water.
  • Driveways are not simply black tar. Ornate designs in stained concrete, or material that is foreign to me.
  • Drain spouts? Nah. One house had copper gutter with giant chains, like you'd see on a ship, hanging straight down so the water would cascade down the chains. I wish it had been raining so we could have seen it in action.
  • Street of Dreams makes a TON of coin. $12 a person and we were shoulder-to-shoulder the whole day.

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