Monday, August 23, 2004


Lots of rain in the Portland area today. It started yestereday and will continue for the next few days. It couldn't be more welcome weather; and perfectly timed. My aunt and uncle come into town on Saturday afternoon for a night's stay on the way up to Seattle, and they are super-gardeners. Our lawn and plants will be in tip-top shape for them to admire. They're from Virginia, so I'm interested to hear how they enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We pointed them towards Manzanita on the Oregon Coast for a night's stay on their way to us (from San Jose where one of their sons lives).

The only bad part to the rain is I can't play baseball with Grady, who has become quite a player. His swing is classic and his pitches are fast and accurate. I can't wait for him to hit little league age. "Your attention please, now batting, third baseman, Grady BEAUregard!" I used to date a girl in Boston whose apartment was in Kenmore Square and Fenway's lights were in view of her balcony. We could hear the stadium announcer during games. It made the already special Boston summer nights in the city even more magical. A few years ago, she married a Boston celebrity, so I've been able to find recent pictures of her on the Web. It's fun.

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