Friday, August 6, 2004

San Francisco days, San Francisco nights

Colleen and I went to see Chris Isaak last night. Boy does he put on a great show. We first saw him back in 1999 and were so impressed that his live voice sounds BETTER than his stellar recordings. It was with visions of that mesmerizing 1999 concert that we purchased tickets to last night's show. We were duly impressed with Isaak's voice and banter again, but we agreed the first show was better. Just something about the unexpected greatness of that first show.

What I did like in last night's show better was the 4 song acoustic set they did. It was a nice touch to the show, and I think Chris really hit his groove during that set, which put him in great form for the last hour of the show.

They just cut a Christmas album, so I'll be interested in getting that this holiday season. He sang a few verses of Blue Christmas last night and it sounded wonderful.

He's been touring with two members of his band for 20 years and two other members for 10 years. One guy is new. He came out wearing a yellow/green sequined double breasted suit with a purple T-shirt under it. Some lady down in front yelled something to him during a quiet moment and he said, "Oh sure, come to the Chris Isaak concert and drink a lot. Little do you know, you'll wake up tomorrow with a hangover and spitting sequins out of your mouth."

Capitol Records artist, Aslyn, opened for Isaak. She had a very strong voice, but we thought the songs and music were GENERIC. She's from Atlanta, and drove for four days to get to Portland. She plays with Isaak for the remainder of his tour. Sophie B. Hawkins had been opening for Isaak until last night.

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