Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Good Samaritan

Fun, crazy day at work today. We launched a significant product that you can read about in Walt Mossberg's column tomorrow. Most of our team stayed at the office late, so I volunteered to go out and get beer and pizza.

While I was in the checkout line of the grocery store with 4 six packs, a mom and her two kids were in front of me. The daughter was about five and the baby boy in the cart seat was about a year old. She had just finished paying when her son started crying like many babies do in grocery stores. She started to hustle them out of the line to make way for me.

It was then I noticed the baby's foot and ankle were stuck in a section of the cart not meant for little legs to go. He was crying out of pain, not boredom. I said to the mother, "I think your son's leg is stuck." In a very pleasant english accent, she thanked me, blushed with embarrassment and attempted to get her son's leg & foot unstuck. She couldn't.

The checker kind of panicked and called over a bag boy to "get some pliers!" and that's when I made a decision to take over. I told the bag boy to grab the bar on one side of the boy's leg and I'd pull the other bar. We were able to bend those bars JUST enough for the boy's foot to pop free.

The mother thanked me again, and I told her I had two young ones and probably would have mistaken that kind of cry for a "grocery store meltdown." She was appreciative of that support.

I saw her get into a brand new Volvo XC90 SUV. I knew I liked that family for some reason!

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