Friday, October 29, 2004

World Series Pictures

I posted them here. Be sure to click on the thumbnails to see a bigger picture, or just hover to get the commentary if the thumbnail is big enough for you.

In addition to the celebrity pic I posted, I also saw Steven King (spoke to him briefly -- "Great job, Steven. I love your books" which elicited a kind look), Mitt Romeny (MA governor who is looking straight into the camera in both shots I have of him), Mrs. Gene Autry, Rowdy Gaines, and That 70's Show stars, Danny Masterson (Steve Hyde) and Mila Kunis (Jackie) who were hand in hand and very cozy.

And, an update about the Mount St. Helen's picture below. I sent it to our local news stations, and our NBC affiliate, KGW, used it in an online story (registration required). :( The news director sent me an e-mail today saying a reader wanted to use it in an advertisement. I contacted the reader and she wants to use it in an ad for a dog show. She's going to super-impose last year's winner into the photo. She'll send me a copy of the ad soon, and of the magazine in which she's placing it. I think that's cool. I'll share it when I get it.

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