Tuesday, November 16, 2004

American Idiot

I picked up Green Day's American Idiot a few weeks ago after reading Erik's blog about how it was an instant classic. My hat's off to you, Erik. It is a wonderful album -- chock full of aggressive drumming, moving lyrics, great melodies, and varied soundscapes. Boy, it's quite an experience to put in my Shure E5c earphones and let the 57 minutes of American Idiot blast away.

Song Highlights:
Track 1: American Idiot
Track 2: Jesus of Suburbia
Track 3: Holiday
Track 6: St. Jimmy
Track 7: Give me Novacaine
Track 11: Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hell, all 13 tracks are quality.

I'm going to see Green Day Thursday night at the Rose Garden, in what has been reviewed by other concert goers around the country as the best live show they've ever attended. Colleen tells me I'll probably be the oldest person there, but I doubt it. This album has lots of cross-over appeal. I've heard it on our alternative rock station, KNRK, our adult contemporary station, KINK, and on KUFO, Portland's rock station. Plus, I think I talked JW into coming with me.

MSL, this is for you. Let's hope this unique doorbell doesn't make it's way into your neighborhood. You and the board would have a fight on your hands (with an armed individual).

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