Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Just Liam

My wife and oldest son are in Massachusetts, so it's just Liam and me until Sunday night. It'll be fun to halve the population in our house for a bit of time. It's a mini vacation. Five years ago, I would have thought being alone with a 2 year old for a week would be impossible, but now that I have two sons, being left alone with just one of them is a piece of cake!

It's funny how people think dads aren't interested or capable of taking solo care of their kids. While getting mail at our community mailbox last night, I talked to some neighbors and mentioned that Colleen was taking Grady back to visit relatives. Sharon, the neighbor, immediately said that she was available to help look after Liam if it became too much for me and I just needed to get away for a few hours.

She was well intentioned, but it was a sexist comment/stereotyping.

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