Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas Eve

We're here feeling great about our lives, and I hope you are too. Our fridge is stocked with Honey Baked Ham, egg nog, fresh apples for an apple pie, and on the counter is warm bread, juicy oranges and fresh-baked cookies.

Everyone is napping right now, getting ready to visit with Santa and get those last minute wishes in, then onto church. Tomorrow, we'll wake up early and open gifts, then head over to the Walkers for an early dinner.

We wrapped all of the kids' gifts last night, so we had a preview of what our family got them. I think the winning gift right now is Katy and Erik's nerf bowling set for Grady. It's going to be perfect both in the play room and downstairs on the hardwood floors. And, Katy and Erik got Liam an Elmo t-shirt that he is going to go crazy for. Well done, Katy and Erik!

My parents are in Barbados for Christmas, so I hope I get to speak with them. I don't think their cell phone works down there, so maybe they'll wrack up some charges on their hotel phone. :(

For the past six weeks or so, Grady has been consistent in what he's said he hopes Santa will bring him. Buzz and Woody dolls. It's nice that he hasn't changed his tune, because we got them for him long ago and he'll still be excited to receive them tomorrow.

Liam's just going to go with the flow, but we got him Buzz & Woody dolls too, so there wouldn't be any arguing. We've learned that lesson the hard way.

And, don't miss out the latest PlanetDan posting. It's hilarious.

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