Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Change of Scenery

At work last week I resigned my spot on the team I'd been with since I got back from my sabbatical last summer. I had slowly come to the realization that the team just wasn't a good spot for me professionally or personally. A combination of factors contributed to the difficult decision (that I don't care to share publicly) to leave a position without another one at the ready. So, I have until March 23 to find another position at the company, or I'll be unemployed. Having worked here more than 8 years makes the thought of leaving scary.

I'm doing some exciting project work that is keeping me busy and is a nice change, but it's not a permanent gig. My goal is to stay with the company, but at my level, it's hard to quickly find a position, so I'm being realistic.

I've built up a lot seniority and experience here that starting over somewhere else would be difficult, especially when I think of the pay & benefits I get now. But, it just may be the kick in the pants I need. It would mean a change of lifestyle, but not too drastically, and it might even be fun (he says with great anxiety). It would be fun, it would be fun, it would be....sigh.

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