Friday, March 11, 2005


I forget how it came up on the ride home today, but Grady was asking about Colleen's and my honeymoon. I told him we went to Hawaii and had a good time snorkeling, eating at good restaurants and playing on the beach. He asked if he had been born or "was I in mom's tummy?"

I told him, "Neither. You didn't exist yet." "But, Dad, who was taking care of me?" "Grady, you weren't born yet, and you weren't in Mom's tummy yet. You just didn't exist." Whoa, that concept was just too hard to grasp for Grady, as you can imagine.

Speaking of existing, I don't anymore. Not according to Yahoo. They must have taken offense with my American Idol experiment, as my site doesn't show up on any searches there anymore. Perhaps someone complained. Oh well, I don't need a bunch of strangers reading this stuff anyway. Who am I kidding? I'm vain, so I re-submitted my site.

If you're want to hear some funny stuff, log onto and turn your speakers up. He's a reallly funny comedian and he streams about 10 jokes automatically when you log on. His drowning joke, Speak and Spell, fast food drive through, and Slip 'n Slide jokes got me laughing really hard. Thanks to my favorite blogger, Chelsie, for turning me on to him. He's doing a 30 college campus bus tour this spring, and he's cool enough to be stopping at my alma matter, University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

The last three days, I've worked 12, 16 and 12 hours, respectively. This is how I feel (how we found Liam in his room Tuesday night):

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