Monday, April 25, 2005

Odd Ball

Kind of a strange thing happend to me today. When I was moving Liam from the grocery cart to his car seat, one of his fingernails slashed across my left eyeball. I've been cut in that same eye before (during a volleyball accident when I was 15 -- blood actually dripped from my eyeball) and today felt just like that. Fortunately, there was no blood, but it sure felt the same.

I couldn't see out of it or keep it open for more than a second or two. I sat in the parking lot for about five minutes trying to get well enough to drive home. I finally managed to keep my eye open, and thought my sunglasses would help make the eye feel better. They did, but then I got worried because my vision in the injured eye started blurring badly. I took off the glasses and my vision cleared. I thought, hmmm, the lenses can't be dirty, because they started clear when I put them on.

I put the glasses back on, and, again, my vision blurred. I realized my injured eye was emanating so much heat and moisture, that it was fogging just that left lens.

Eye still aches now, but I can see fine. I just have to take it easy on computer screens for a few days and get some good rest. Speaking of which, I'm headed to bed.

Oh, and it's my birthday today. I wish I had reason to use the name I learned from Chelsie that made me chuckle a few months ago -- Drunky McBirthday -- but being that I was home alone with the kids on a Sunday when the Red Sox steamrolled the Devil can call me Papi McBirthday.

And, a belated note here on Archi-blog-o that my mom's birthday was on the 21st. I forgot to recognize it here like I did with my dad's birthday. Suffice to say she is one my best friends. Here she is holding Liam at the Maine beach house back in July 2003. (Liam looks a little like a doll -- in not a good way.)

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