Friday, May 13, 2005

Just Do It!

So, I did it today. Well, actually, I did it a couple of days ago, but just now made it known to all my colleagues. I am leaving my job of 8.5 years, and my career of 12 years. What's next? I'm not quite sure, but I could not continue in PR, having lost all passion for it. Who knows, some day I may get it back, but I can't even think about that right now. My mind is now on what can I do?

I have several interesting ideas floating around in my head, and about which I'm talking with Colleen and a couple of friends. I'm leaning towards opening up my own business, perhaps with a partner. I'm not ready to discuss any of the ideas yet, but I think whatever I (we) end up doing, will be a dramatic change from PR, and will make me much happier.

My last day here is next Friday. I have so much respect for the company and its leaders that I'm sure I'll have pangs of panic and guilt for leaving, but for now, it only feels RIGHT.

I plan to take at least a couple of months off to work through some of my ideas, and try to be back up and running in September. I kind of feel like I did back in elementary school right before summer break started. I never thought I'd get that feeling back, but here I sit writing all aglow with it.

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