Friday, May 6, 2005

Ranting and Raving

I posted a new blog to my Blogs of Note to the right. I'm a religious reader of Clublife, and that blog got a huge spike in traffic and its author asked why. His new readers attributed their newfound interest to Waiter Rant, who had noticed Rob's great blog and directed his readers to Clublife. I love when that kind of thing happens with blogs.

You've gotta check out Waiter Rant. The author is an ex-divinty student, who is now the manager of a NYC italian restaurant. He regales us in the stupidity of his customers, the funny stories of his colleagues, and sprinkles in deep, philisophical posts. I've read back through his year of postings, and can't get enough.

Both Clublife and Waiter Rant are book-worthy blogs. I know Rob at Clublife is actively trying to make that happen, and Waiter Rant has already received national press attention, so I hope it translates into something lucrative for that blogger.

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