Thursday, June 2, 2005


Just a quick update lest you think I've given up on blogging. I'm ending my second week unemployed, and I've sure taken a liking to it. The days fly by unexpectedly. I guess having to leave at 4:30 everyday to pick up the kids from school (daycare) kind of puts a cap on my lazy days. Having that hanging over me sort of keeps me unsettled. But, I wouldn't trade having that minor distraction for the major headaches I had at my old job.

I'm just about ready to go head first into making sure an idea of mine is a viable business opportunity. I'm not sharing it broadly yet, but if it starts to get off the ground, I'm sure it will consume my blog postings for the foreseeable future.

For Memorial Day Weekend, I traveled to Corydon, Indiana for my sister's delayed reception. She had a small wedding back in February, and held a big party in her husband's home town this past weekend. About 150 showed to the local country club for lots of drinking and dancing. That was Sunday night. Friday night a group of young and good looking folks headed to Louisville (about 25 miles away) to take in the local bars and play some bar games. Saturday the men went golfing, which rekindled my interest in the game, and then about 40 people gathered at Erik's parent's GORGEOUS home for a bbq which stretched into the wee hours of the night. I won $100 in poker, but hardly remember it.

Click pictures for full views. I'll have a more comprhensive album up soon.

Erik's house:

Cake cutting:

The cake's cut, now what?

Corydon is a small town, but full of great people and beautiful homes. Erik's family seems to be one of the best known and loved families in the town, so I kind of felt like royalty just being around them. What gracious and fun hosts his family is.

One small nit unrelated to the above subjects. I've noticed that drivers here in Oregon have gotten a lot ruder. I used to boast to visitors how nice Portlanders are, as evidenced by how courteous drivers are at 4-way stops. No longer. Every day I have someone cheat and cut in line. I plow forward each time and stop within inches of their car and lay on the horn. It scares them, and hopefully makes them understand they are not the most important people on this planet. That, and hopefully the person on the other end of their fucking cell phone will ask them what's happening. Grrrr.

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