Thursday, September 1, 2005

Rock Star

OK, so my post from last week is now weak. Ty is gone from Rock Star: INXS. And, my allegiance to Mig has weakened. I'm now backing Suzie the most and Marty a bit less. My predictions:

Jordis is gone next Wednesday. J.D. the week after. That leaves Mig, Marty and Suzie. Mig and Marty will duel it out for survival, with Marty winning on his versatility. Mig will lose not because he's bad, but because he's just too syrupy sweet and sensitive. Not exactly a great front man.

The finale will have Suzie and Marty singing their two favorite INXS songs, plus one given to them by the band members. It will be a 14 hour show. :) No, probably a two-hour show. Marty will win.

I was surprised to read that CBS has been disappointed by the viewership of Rock Star: INXS. I think it's a great show. Then again, I Tivo MTV's Laguna Beach. I was busted on that one last night when Colleen was calling up a show for Grady and Liam. I was somewhat vindicated later that night when I discovered, and showed her, a big, positive write up of Laguna Beach in The New York Times.

What's your embarrassing show you sneak-watch?

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