Friday, October 21, 2005

Just Keep Swimming

My five year old, Grady, is in the middle of some swim lessons and my three year old, Liam, is crazy jealous. We've tried to explain to Liam that his gymastic lessons equal Grady's swim lessons, but he just doesn't buy it when he's sitting poolside fully clothed while Grady is splashing around with his class.

So, I sat him down today to show that we've indulged him in swimming not too long ago. That's when I pulled up the CD with all of our San Diego pictures on it, and discovered that I had shot a couple of movies on my digital camera. I'd never seen them, so imagine his and my delight at the two shorties below. (Click the thumnails to download the 3MB clips. Requires QuickTime.)

Will he get the crab? It was Liam's first solo trip into the water:

Is he having fun yet?

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