Monday, November 14, 2005


Unbelievably, the tadpoles that Grady and Liam collected on August 28, are still alive in the bucket. Three of them, that is. The others have grown and exited the confines of the bucket and taken up residence in our boulder wall and other spots in our yard (like near the hose). They are resilient little creatures, and I have to imagine that the three left in the bucket are either offspring of the original dozen, or were tiny, tiny ones that we didn't realize we had caught. They all have eyes and four legs now, so I hope they mature in time for the first heavy frost. We've had weather cold enough to form some thin ice on the surface of their water, but that didn't seem to affect them.

Grady said something a little funny the other day.

"Dad, if you step on a snake, what will they do?"

"They will probably bite you," I replied.

"But, I'll bang into a tree," he inexplicably said.


"Dad, if I'm looking at the ground so I don't step on a snake, I'm going to
bang into a tree."

Oh, to be a kid again and only have these kinds of worries.

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