Monday, November 21, 2005


Each day, Grady's teacher, Cleta Woods, asks the kids a question and then records verbatim what they say. Today is Cleta's birthday, so the questions was: Happy Birthday Teacher Cleta, My wish for you is….

Grady answered: “that you will be a Princess, because I love you!”

That makes me so happy that Grady feels this way for his wonderful teacher. I believe it's reciprocal because every morning Cleta hugs and smothers Grady with kisses. That's one of the nice things about private school -- there's not a no touching rule for these innocent and healthy exchanges.

Some of the amusing verbatims from the past few months:

What do you pray about?
Pierce: “ When my Mom doesn’t let me go to Baskin and Robbins I pray that she’ll change her mind.”

This one will make more sense when you read Pierce's next answer...
How was your Halloween?
Pierce: “Good! I got four thousand pieces of candy…that’s why I wanted to stay home today. I wanted to keep an eye on my candy to make sure my Dad isn’t eating more than 1 piece of it."

What does your Dad like to eat?
Pierce: “for a special treat he gives himself 2 Popsicles. He loves to drink the Popsicle juice and then he eats 2 huge cookies and then 2 bowls of ice-cream…then sometimes he comes back for 3 more cookies…the best part about it…he gives me that much junk food too. We just sneak it downstairs so my Mom doesn’t know.”

Jackson will keep his full head of hair his whole life...
What are your grandparents like?
Jackson: “my Grandpa knows how to do a bunch of cool stuff but somebody must have pulled lots of my Grandpas hair out because he doesn’t have much but my Grandma has a whole lot.”

Can you tell who the disciplinarian is in this household?
Do you obey your parents?
Kaitlin: “I only obey my Dad because if I don’t he’ll get really mad.”

Piece isn't just witty...
What do you want to show your parents at Back to School night?
Kaitlin: “Pierce, because he’s so cute”

It's reciprocal for this Sponge Bob Square Pants fan...
I love…..
Pierce: “Kaitlin…Oh tartar sauce, I shouldn’t have told you that….don’t tell her!!”

Following the "don't talk to strangers" rule to a fault...
One time I…
Grady: “saw a stranger say hi to my brother at church and I saved him.”

I cant wait …
Josh: “to have a date with my Mom tonight, I kinda wish I could marry her and our date tonight would be kinda like our honeymoon.”

You said it bro...
Who thinks you're special?
Josh: "Maddie and Annie....they always try to hold my hand across the table....girls...they're a little confusing..also my Grandma and my Mom like me a lot too."

Beautifully sheltered...
Do you know anybody who lives really far away?
Jackson: "My brother; he lives close to my bedroom but he has to sleep in his own bed."

Wee bits of fantasy and reality...
Where does your Mom work?
Landis: "she sits at home and makes my birthday cake."
Walter: "I dont know but I wished she worked at McDonalds."

A little confused...
Where does your Dad work?
Kaitlin: "I don’t know…. somewhere where he pays money."

I'll make this an ongoing feature on my blog -- any of the answers that makes me chuckle, I'll post.

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