Thursday, December 15, 2005

Food Combos

My 3-year old, Liam, makes the oddest food combinations.

Tonight he took a bite of pizza, inserted some peas and then stuffed in a slice of banana.

Other things I remember gagging at:

  • Mixing ranch dressing into applesauce
  • Dipping bananas in ketchup
  • Putting peas in peach yogurt
  • Dipping carrots into strawberry jello

(In case you're wondering why he has these foods on his plate all at once, it's because his 5-year old brother usually finishes his main course first and we have to serve the fruit dessert to them both at the same time, otherwise Liam gets very jealous and will refuse to finish his meal. This way, he at least continues to eat the main course, but he inevitably mixes it up with the dessert.)

What gross, but enjoyable-to-you food combination have you invented or seen your kids make?

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