Thursday, January 5, 2006

Thursday Kid Speak

Another amusing edition of the daily Q&A from Grady and his 5-year old classmates. This love talk between boys and girls is starting pretty early in my opinion. Pierce must be quite proud.

Today we started reading one of the “Horrible Harry” chapter books. It talked about when Harry wrote a love letter. Have you ever written a love letter?

Maddie: “No, but I might write one to Pierce”

Jackson: “ No, but I think my Dad gave my Mom one because they got married. He wanted to marry my Mom because he thinks she’s really pretty.... plus, if he didn’t get married to her, he would just have to eat dinner all alone with just me and Joe and Sally and Calley”

Annie: “One night I was going to write a love note to Pierce because he’s so sweet, but I just want to wait and give it to him when we have a sleepover or something”

“ No, but my Mom gets them all the time…I don’t read very well so I don’t know exactly what they say but I think they’re probably from my Dads friends…I don’t know why they like her so much…. she’s nice to them, but I don’t think that’s the problem”

Lucas: “only the time I wrote one to you, but if I knew how to spell Maddie’s name I would write her one too that says I love you”

Walter: “No but I might write one to my sister Christina or Maddie”

Grady: “ Ya, I wrote my Dad one before when he was on a trip but I love Maddie so I might write her one tomorrow”

Changha: “I will write one to say that I love Kaitlin”

Josh: “No, because I haven’t got in love with anybody. I’m kind of getting in love with Annie and Maddie so I might write one to them someday…. but I can’t really think of what I should write”

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