Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday KidSpeak

What is something funny that you’ve heard somebody say?

Josh: “ once Pierce said toothy, that was so funny”

Pierce: “ I think it’s funny when I say, your goin’ down stinky to my Dad and then he says, No, your goin’ down punk-o”

Grady: “ Once Liam said, there’s a snake in your pants”

Maddie: “ Once my sister told me that our dog tooted…that was so funny”

Kaitlin: “ I like when Pierce says, you’re coo-coo in the head”

Annie: “ My Mom says coo-coo….she is just so silly”

Lucas: “ when my Dad wants to wrestle me he says, you’re goin’ down hotrod”

Walter: “ I like when you say, Walter your so darn cute”

Kate E: “ funny horse”

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