Monday, April 3, 2006

Monday KidSpeak

From the mouths of 5-year olds. (If Lucas was a cat, he'd have only 4 lives left.)

Have you ever NOT followed a safety rule?

Josh: “I don’t think so, I pretty much try to stay safe most of the time”

Maddie: “Since I’m a good listener I always listen to rules but when the fire is going sometimes my Mom will say its ok that I can put something in it. I only do it if she says it’s okay”

Grady: “ I don’t know….Well, I think I have jumped on the couch and once I stepped on the floor and slipped after my Dad told me not to because he was cleaning it”

Jackson: “I always follow my Dads safety rules”

Lucas: “Ya, once I put a match in the stove when I was two and then once I put paper in the plug-in and it caught on fire and I also touched a knife once too and I put paper in my ear and once I put a bean in my ear too”

Annie: “No, I always listen and I swim on Thursdays too”

Kaitlin: “ No, I always follow rules, like cleaning my room so people don’t trip over my toys”

Pierce: “ Well, I have eaten things off the floor, like fruit snacks because they’re so good and once I found a piece of hot dog on the floor and I ate that too but now that you told me that kids might eat things that are bad, like medicine because they think it’s candy, I’ll be more careful”

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