Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We Did It

Our intense 3-day house hunt in Boston netted us a nice home on 4 acres of land in South Natick, MA. We feel like we got a great deal compared to some other homes we had been considering. It was shocking to see what little house so much money could buy in the western suburbs. I mean $750,000 for a 1960s raised-ranch? $700,000 for a 1300 sqft home in a decidedly lower middle-class neighborhood? We managed to avoid that madness and ended up with a newer home in a great neighborhood & school district.

Our 5 1/2 year old will enter an elementary school this Fall that shares land with a working farm. As we understand it, the kindergartners have weekly "chores" where they milk cows, shear sheep (or more likely watch) and harvest chicken eggs. Grady will love that. Of the 650+ elementary schools in the Boston area, this one is ranked #73, so in the 90th percentile.

Colleen's commute will be about 17 miles into Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. Mine will be 8 miles against traffic to the local Exit Realty office. Although Colleen's commute will be about 3 miles less than it is here in Oregon, it'll most likely take 15 minutes longer because of the congested roads in Massachusetts.

More later.

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