Monday, May 1, 2006

Monday Kidspeak

This is a particularly funny one.

Where did your parents meet?

Lucas: “They haven’t told me…can I go ask my Mom?”

Josh: “ I have no idea, I was kind of wondering how that happened too. My Mom grew up in Silverdale, Washington and my Dad grew up in Missouri…. he’s 8 years older than my Mom so while my Mom was growing up, he must have left home in his moving truck he told me about, and went looking for someone to marry and found her…one thing I do know, they definitely got married in Happy Valley, Oregon”

Grady: “I think that they met somewhere where there’s lots of wine…. in college I think”

Jack: “ They meeted when they got married”

Kaitlin: “ I think that they meeted at a meeting”

Kate E: “ at Benihanas noodles”

Maddie: “I think that they met at college…the Oregon one”

Annie: “ they came out of their Moms tummies and just meeted each other, because they just love each other so much”

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