Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back-At-Work Observations

  • I love breaking the starch of a freshly laundered/starched/ironed shirt when I put it on in the morning.
  • Moth balls is not a good scent to be giving off on a crowded train. Can you not smell that stench on yourself?
  • The location of my new office is like a treasure chest. I never know what I'll discover when I take a new side street. Boston Common, the North End, Downtown Crossing, South Station, Post Office Square, The Old State House, City Hall Plaza, Faneiul Hall, The Union Oyster House are all within a 5-8 minute walk.
  • I'm a target for panhandlers. 5 people in front of me will walk by without being approached, but I always get the sob stories.
  • The off-days when I don't bring my own lunch, my wallet takes a beating. A turkey sandwhich, cookie and soda at a local shop costs $10.31. Gotta love Boston's cost-of-living.
  • Boy did I miss not having a routine.

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