Monday, April 9, 2007

Grady and Liam are funny

  • While helping Liam put on his pants, I thought I saw in my peripheral vision him picking his nose. When he balanced himself, he touched my face and I said, "Ew, stop. You just picked your nose." He said, "No I didn't, Dad. It was just an eye bugger."
  • We were in NY for Easter and woke up Easter morning in a hotel room before heading over to my Grandmother's house. We hid eggs around the small room after the kids went to bed the night before, and when they woke up, they were in an egg-finding frenzy. When the eggs were all but gone, Grady was desperate to keep finding treats. He held up the wireless keyboard on top of the T.V. and said, "The Easter Bunny got us a new one of these!!!" And, seconds later, he held up a pair of Colleen's socks and said, "He gave someone new socks!!!"
  • Liam was jumping on the hotel bed and got hot, so he stripped down to his underwear. He was wearing new underwear that was a bit large for him, so was sagging. His Aunt Katy was in the room and said he was wearing not tighty whities, but "baggy whities." Heh, heh.

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