Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doctor Champion

A couple of random thoughts...

Yesterday, I was thinking about my Godfather's maxim that he will always give the right of way to any other driver who is driving for a living. So, he gives way to trucks, taxis, and buses. I think it's a good rule to live by, even if it means it delays your trip a few seconds, or in the case of a bus, maybe even a few minutes.

I enjoy the pizza from the Viga Italian Eatery near my office, and the guy who works the counter could not be any more enjoyable. He is a late 20s/early 30s black guy who exudes happiness. Today I was on line with 1 other guy and 1 woman. In that short minute, he managed to call us Doctor, Cousin, Brother, Angel, My Lady, Killer, Partner, Champion. As in, "What'll be Doctor?" (that was directed to me, and I'm no Dr.) "Here you go cousin." "Hi Angel, what can I get ya?" etc. I once asked him what the secret to his happiness was and he told me it's lots of sleep. I asked him when he went to bed, expecting him to tell me something like 8:00. "Between 1 and 2." Then I really did understand the source of his happiness -- he was living his life his way, working at a low-stress job, not having to wake up early to bust his hump, making people smile all afternoon. I've gone there once a week for 17 months and not once has he failed to lift my spirits.

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