Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Update June 19, 2008

Lots of progress today. The door and window went in. The cabinet doors were put on. The island received the decoractive panels. The recessed lights went in. One coat of paint was applied. And, the counter folks came and made templates.

Colleen comes home tomorrow after a week in London, so she's going to be wowed by the progress. This weekend we have to pick out the pendant lighting for over the island, the light fixture for over the sink, and we need to visit the granite yard to pick what parts of the 2 slabs they are holding for us should go where on the templates. The granite we picked has lots of movement to it, so one area will look drastically different than another. That's one reason we picked such a neutral wall color -- the busy granite will be a strong element.

The seeds were being raided again, so I set a second mouse trap. I caught a chipmunk! Poor guy. There are about 6-8 of them that play around in our yard and live in our lawn, so I'm hoping this one was a youngin' and not some patriarch or matriarch. It's certainly giving me the evil eye, deservedly so.

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