Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kitchen Update June 12, 2008

The floors had to spend the weekend in an air-conditioned home to shrink the wood down before they get installed on Monday. But, the contractors started to hang some of the upper cabinets, and then covered them with cardboard to protect them.

We have picked a paint color -- a light khaki that should off-set the cabinets nicely. The door and window, that have been covered with plywood the last two weeks, should be finished Tuesday.

I don't think I've ever named our contractor, who we are thrilled with, in terms of his design ideas, his availability, the way he keeps the job site clean, and his craftsmanship. He is Chris Coppellotti of Coppellotti Construction, LLC. He works with his brother, Rob, and I highly recommend them. Chris is about 30 and very modest. Chris's brother, Rob, is a few years older than he and a bit more gregarious.

Cabinets can be seen on the left.

The temporary door. A desk will go under that bank of upper cabinets on the left.

View towards the hallway that leads to the garage.

The dumpster is full. Good thing it's now just bringing in new things. The demo is all over.


Chelsie said...

I hope someone's going to pull out the cardboard for recycling... =)

Rob said...

That is a great observation, Chelsie. We'll be sure to grab those top pieces for our collection on Tuesday.