Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brian Schweitzer lights up the DNC

Colleen and I are having fun watching the spectacle of the Democratic National Convention. Rolling our eyes at MSNBC and CNN on Monday when all they could talk about, or interview people about , was if Hillary would unify the party. From what I read, she did a good job last night (she was on too late for us to watch live). But, now her staff has leaked that she will definitely run in 2012 if Obama is unsuccessful, and that her motive for showing a positive face last night was to preserve good will with the Democratic National Party.

I was looking forward to hearing Mark Warner's speech (he's the former Virginia Governor, and current senate candidate), since he is being billed as the "future of the democratic party." That seems strange since Obama is so junior himself. Kind of premature to be billing someone other than the junior senator from Illinois as the future of the democratic party. Warner's speech was full of grand pronouncements with no details. Full of "if we achieve energy independence, we can....[insert nirvana here]." Well, sure, but HOW do we achieve energy independence? So, I was ultimately unimpressed.

Then I read that Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana, was the only real surprise of last night. Evidently, the networks paid him no attention, but once they got wind of how he was energizing the crowd, they cut to him. I found a YouTube clip of his speech and enjoyed his showmanship. He's rough around the edges, seemed to tickle both Pres. Clinton and Michelle Obama, and led the crowd in school-yard taunts. It was a good show. What do you think?

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