Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rate My Taste

Would you do me a favor and look at the photos I've tagged as my favorites on Flickr and tell me via a comment:

1. Which one is your favorite, and why?
2. Are there any photos you'd recommend I take off?
3. What conclusions do you draw about me when you look at the collection as a whole?

Do you have a Flickr Favorites page you want me to comment on? Just let me know.

Click the image below to be taken to the Flickr page where you can get a larger look at individual photos.


MSL said...

My favorite is the money perspective photo. I've always loved these perspective shots and I have had an interest in the pictures on US currency since I was a child. You would be surprised how many people don't know whose face is on the $20.

Rounding out the top three were the snowy Chalet and the Ocean City sunrise.

I would take off one or two of the sleeping dogs with chalk drawings. That would allow you to diversify a little bit more.

It's interesting that all but two of the photos are taken outside. This collection seems to say that you are fascinated by animals or nature in general and that you like to be outside.

FYI. The picture on the top left of the Flickr Favorites image you captured for your blog does not appear in the detailed Flickr page when I click through. Neither does the picture with the mountain in the background (5th row, third from left). There are 36 photos on your blog and only 34 on the actual Flickr page.

Rob said...

Thanks Miguel. I like your choices too, obviously. My mom had the same observation about the indoor/outdoor perspective, and that is a good revelation. I had not done that on purpose and it will inspire me to go outside more often.

Seems the Portland-based photog who does all my favorite Oregon-based photos took down that Mt. Hood picture. Not sure why. The top left one with the beautiful aqua sky and glowing string of lights is still on the site. Try again. That is my favorite of the whole bunch.

Don't miss out on the funny description of the spider picture: “It was so big, it has red eye from my flash. Just think how big a spider's eyes have to be to actually get red eye. That's sick.”

I think you're right about taking off one of the chalk/dog ones. Katy said she loves the Bird Dog one, and I love the Rocket one, so maybe I'll take off the surfer.

Be sure to look at the fish market picture in full size. The colors are so great.

Rambling Canuck said...

I like the Oregonians. Not sure why you would want to take any off. You obviously chose them for a reason, you like them. If this is about your taste why let someone else guide that for you?

Rob said...

Thanks Canuck. See above conversation with MSL about diversifying the lot by taking off some of the chalk dog ones.

Look how the time stamp on both our above comments are the same. 4:36. Do you know any song you love that is 4:36 long? It could be "our" song. :)