Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Man vs. Wild Fail

Despite knowing that Bear Grylls, who stars in Man Vs. Wild, stages some of the precarious situtations he is shown overcoming, the show is still one of my favorites. He's a likeable guy and there's no doubting that he does put himself in life-threatening situations. One only has to see him jump into quicksand or a frozen lake, drink his own urine, eat the eyeballs out of dead sheep, free climb hundreds of feet of rock face, or jump 35 feet into a pool of water not knowing the depth to understand he's the real deal.

But, on the other hand, one only has to watch the below clip to see that he sensationalizes many feats. Keep in mind, his task in every program is to survive hellacious environs and work his way into civilization.

To see some highlights of his more impressive moments, watch below.


BeachBum said...

I favor 'Surviorman'. He seems genuinely nuts and will spend weeks just camping in the mountains with no camera crew around. Not sure which show came first, but I've always enjoyed it.

Rob said...

I've caught Survivorman a few times, and I guess I need a bit more excitement from my shows. Les (his name I think) is a bit too methodical in everything he does, and because he's not on the move, he gets in a groove.

And I can never lose myself in the show because I'm always thinking of how much work he had to do to set up his own shots. Something egotistical about it turns me off.

Lastly, his thick Canadian accent is like nails on a chalkboard for me.