Monday, March 16, 2009

Sixth Sense Computing

Wow. This demo of "sixth sense" computing is very compelling. I'm most impressed with just the day-to-day uses of it like calling up product information real time, using your hand as a keyboard, and simply drawing a circle on your wrist to display a clock face right on your skin.

It's a tad clumsy, but it sure opens up one's imagination.


BeachBum said...

I have a theory that the engineers creating these new technologies are intentionally trying to make us all look like idiots.

First the cell phone.

Then hands free cable thing.

Then blue tooth which now makes it impossible to tell who's talking on the phone and who's talking to themselves.

The iPod which makes me unintentionally tap my foot or bob my head when a great song comes on. I might even hum, too.

Now this, which will make us all look like demented mimes. I give up.

Rob said...

That's a fine history lesson.

My friends and I always like to note that we literally are the last class to travel to college with a typewriter. So much has changed since 1989.

I can't wait to see what technology is like when my kids go to college in 10-12 years.