Monday, April 6, 2009

Grady, the poet

My 8-year old son, Grady, was feeling extra creative this weekend. He penned two books of poetry. A good mixture of funny, somber, and nonsensical. The only things I changed were some misspellings.

Winter has come
But in a few months winter will be gone
Roses, petals, plants
But winter has come
I just can’t stand it
Nor can the people in our town

Fall is when you can play ball
It’s just simply like checking a ball in the fall

Summer is a bummer if you fall in Niagara Falls
Or you might have the fright
It’s just like something bites
Or you might have stage fright…
But if you don’t fall in Niagara Falls you will have a great summer!

Tigers at twilight all creeping around
You can hear them coming up close all around town
But he quit so when sun comes up ghosts come into town all around

I’m nine, I’m nine, I can’t believe my eyes
I just can’t wait to go on the carousel ride
It only costs a dollar to holler
And if you want a collar
You will have to pay one million dollars

Time Has Come
Time has come to say
Goodbye to the bug who died yesterday
That was Monday
It’s time to say goodbye
To his cry

Cars go speeding by all day and night
I’ve been in the car since last night
But I had stage fright all day and night
I can’t wait to get in my bed and go nighty-night
In my cozy bed

The End
The end I will see you again
But not until then or again or again
And again my friends
I will come again and again and again
Or I might not see you again
But don’t worry
I will see you again

Blood everywhere and around
The little bird goes all around
Saying tweet tweet
Blood all around my town

Mass rhymes with gas
But Mass means church
Church rhymes with bass
Bass rhymes with class

1, 2, 3
I can’t tie my shoes
Or count by 2s or 3s
What can’t I do?
I can’t tie my shoes
Or count by 2s
But what can I do?
Wow I almost tied my shoes!

July is when my friend went bye-bye on the 4th of July
But his name was Jack
His nickname was Mack
But he liked to be called Slap!

In class
I can’t stop thinking about bass in my class
Then next I’m thinking about trout
And am up and about saying trout

Can I get a tan
Or get a tin can?
Out of plaque
But my school has plaque
Should I take a nap or a snack?

A witch got a tick on her neck
But she blamed it on Saint Nick
For bringing sick on a tick
Or a tooth pick

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