Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flippin' Cool!

I'll give you 10:1 odds that the kid in the news story is a little brother. I know from experience that second-born boys find fun in dangerous activities.

updated 3:42 p.m. ET, Tues., July 14, 2009
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - A boy celebrating his third birthday was unhurt and apparently unfazed after he floated nearly eight miles down a river riding atop his toy truck, police said.

The boy's family was camping at a popular park near Fort St. John, in northeastern British Columbia, on Sunday when the boy wandered off unnoticed and somehow entered the nearby Peace River, Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Monday.

The boy's parents at first thought he was playing with other relatives at the campsite. But police were later alerted and had begun a search when a boater found the boy, and the toy, about 7.8 miles away.

After a nearly two-hour journey down the swift-moving river, the boy had no injuries and was apparently unaware of the danger he had been in.

"He was very excited to see the police," said RCMP Constable Jackelynn Passarell.

A local news report said the boy made sure the boater who found him also retrieved the toy truck.