Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Red Sox & Fenway Park

We took our sons to their first Red Sox game last night and enjoyed a blow out win and beautiful weather.

Grady's birthday is in a couple of weeks, but this game made the most sense for our schedules, and it helped keep it a surprise for him. Colleen picked Grady and Liam up at the bus stop, worked from home for a little while, then told the boys she needed to run an errand with them. She had secreted away their Red Sox jerseys in the car earlier. It's about a 20 mile trek into the city, so they were full of questions along they way, wondering if we were going to visit Richard in the hospital, visit me at work, or what? Astute Liam saw the Citgo sign and asked if they were going to a Red Sox game. When Colleen let the cat out of the bag, they went crazy with excitement.

I was already in our seats in the bleachers at 6:00 (game time was 7:10) waiting for them to arrive. Colleen called when they were entering Fenway and a few minutes later Grady and Liam bounded up the steps and wrapped me in ferocious hugs. It was so nice.

The hour before game time flew by because they were soaking in Fenway. They spied Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy in their broadcast booth with the binoculars, marveled at the fact a lot of Red Sox players were socializing with the Orioles - "LOOK! They're FRIENDS!", scurried up to the last row to look out over the wall, and consumed pretzels and pizza before the first pitch was thrown.

The Red Sox hit 6 home runs last night in a 10-0 win over the Orioles, so it was a fun game for the boys. I would have preferred a closer, nail-biting game, but the fireworks at the plate are just what young boys want.

The bleachers contained a fun mix of families and drunk 20-somethings. Much nicer crowd than what I experienced back in the early 90s when groups of drunks would be taunting each other, fighting, making fun of all the hot dog vendors, and just generally causing havoc.

We were close to the group that was attempting to get the wave started, and once it did, Grady and Liam were thrilled when it lasted 5 times around Fenway. Liam, with his sharp voice, found his calling - he started the "Let's Go Red Sox!" chant and all of the bleacher-seat fans joined in. He was so proud. And, he felt responsible for Alex Gonzalez smacking a double off the lip of the Green Monster. Felt like he gave him the extra energy.

With the Sox up 10-0, we left at the end of the 7th inning, and the Sox made quick work of the top of the 8th, so we were able sing Sweet Caroline as we walked away from Fenway to our car.

The boys slept on they ride home, and woke with bags under their eyes this morning, but definitively claimed it was all worth it. I agree!

Pictures from last night are on my Flickr site (linked to on the right).


BeachBum said...

The new owners have definitely made the ballpark more family friendly. I would never have taken my kids into a game 15 years ago. They would have left covered in beer and traumatized.

Glad the boys had fun.

Rob said...

Thanks - it was a long time coming, with Grady asking every year for this as a birthday present the last 4 years.