Monday, April 26, 2010

Mango + Peach

My 9-year old son went to a sleepover birthday party on Saturday and received a goody bag. When he got home, he asked to play XBox, and I said, "No, try to find something more creative to do."

So, he sulked off and ended up going through his goody bag. About 15 minutes later, he came and showed me a letter he had written. In the goody bag was a package of Extra gum, and he was studying the package and saw it included the address for the Wrigley Company.

His letter was perfect. He thanked them for making great gum, and suggested a new flavor: Mango + Peach. He had talked to his younger brother and asked him what flavor he would want, and included his request for Triple Blackberry, "if you don't already make that."

He explained he was a third grader and named his elementary school and wrote "if you want to write back, my address is ...."

I put the letter in the mail today and really hope for his sake they write back - even with a form letter or a coupon for gum. Who thinks he'll hear back?


mr. pineapple man said...

your son is so smart and cute! I once wrote a letter to the president and asked my mom to send it but after like 5 years, I found that letter in one of her drawers..haha! you're a great mom :)

BeachBum said...

And a great dad!

He'll hear something back at the exact moment he forgets all about it. Maybe they'll put him in a commercial!!