Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WFNX Clam Bake

Our local alternative music station here in Boston, WFNX, is holding its first annual Clam Bake Festival come Sunday June 27, where five bands play outside during the day in the shadow of Fenway Park on Lansdowne, and then three bands play inside the House of Blues after sundown.

I'm headed there with one of my best friends who I've been going to concerts with since my return to Boston in 2006, and I'm anticipating a sun-filled, beer sloshing good time. After all, the outside performance area is called The Budweiser Stage. I'm considering taking Monday off since the Clam Bake starts at 3:00 and I'm sure the inside shows won't end until after midnight.

I'll get to see one of my favorite bands, Nada Surf, for the second time in 2 months, and their other acts have had me scouring the Web for samples, and it looks to be a musically promising good time.

The line up outside: Matt & Kim, Gogol Bordello, The Silver Sun Pickups, Against Me!, The Henry Clay People,

Inside: Nada Surf, Metric, and Rogue Wave

Outside, I'm most excited to catch Matt & Kim based on this oddball, but infectious performance in their hometown of Brooklyn 2 years ago. I love how Kim so clearly LOVES playing music -- that smile is great.

Watch the full concert at

And, if you want to see a VERY interesting (stripping/nude) video, for which they won an MTV Video award, check this out. It's SFW, as everything is blurred.

Metric should be a good show too, if not a bit dreary. Reminds me of Garbage.

I'm filled with anticipation.


alex said...

how do you know who plays inside and outside?

Rob said...

It was posted on all last week.

Danielle and Clint said...

LOVE that song by Metric! I could listen to it over and over!

Rob said...

Me too. Check out Metric's live acoustic EP on iTunes. It includes a stellar rendition of Help I'm Alive that really shows off teh subtleties of Emily's voice.

That version is the #1 played song on my iPod.

Anonymous said...
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