Friday, August 27, 2010

End of August

The end of August, the start of school. This time of year always gets me a bit wistful for the earlier days of summer. I could easily live in a climate that is summer-like all year long, so it surprises me that I enjoyed my 10 years in Oregon so much.

It led me to think about a post I did back in 2005 where I lamented the change of seasons, and posted my favorite poem that captures that feeling so well.

By W.S. Merwin


You could never believe
it would come to this
one still morning
when before you noticed
the birds already
were all but gone

even though year upon year
the rehearsal of it
must have surprised
your speechless parents
and unknown antecedents
long ago gathered to dust
and though even the children
have been taught how to say
the word withereth

no you were known to be
cool and countless
the bright vision on all
the green hills
rippling in unmeasured waves
through the days in flower

now you are as the fog
that sifts among you
gray in the chill daybreak
the voles scratch the dry earth
around your roots
hoping to find something
before winter
and when the white air stirs
you whisper to yourselves
without expectation
or the need to know

Here is a nice little video of Merwin talking about how he got started in poetry:

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