Monday, December 13, 2010

Who Am I?

Seeing a T.V. advertisement with Mark Harmon in it this weekend got me thinking about who I've been told I look like at varying times in my life.

In high school: Tom Cruise
In college: Mark Harmon
In my 30s: Doug Flutie, John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Theo Epstein

Definitely a type. Short dark hair, prominent eyebrows, and average height. I could take or leave these comparisons, but sometimes it's fun to hear what others think about your appearance. Other times, it's not.


BeachBum said...

I can't even tell which one you are? Is your picture in the middle?

Rob said...

I'm on top. I thought the other faces were famous enough not to describe them.

Rob said...

The rest are in order of what I listed in my post. Cruise, Harmon, Flutie, JFK Jr., Theo.