Monday, February 21, 2011


Yesterday I was driving with my sons and we were behind several cars that were merging onto Rt. 9 in Natick. The driver two cars in front of me was super timid and didn't merge when everyone thought he would, causing the driver directly in front of me to jam on his brakes. I was going a bit too fast, and I saw that the pavement in front of me was wet and skimmed with ice. Uh oh. I fish-tailed twice and my tires screeched loudly.

Thankfully I came to a stop within inches of that SUV. The driver's wide eyes were looking at me helplessly in the rear view mirror.

My 8-year old started blaming the other driver, but I explained that I was going too fast and it was my fault.

He said, "We apologize random citizen" in an official tone, almost like Buzz Lightyear. Liam surprises me with his vocabulary pretty regularly, and this one made me really laugh.

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BeachBum said...

Other than inconsiderate pedestrians, nothing gets me more crazy when people brake going onto a highway or busy road.

Love the random citizen line. Kids come up with the strangest things at times.