Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Voice's Dia Frampton vs. Metric's Emily Haines

I caught the semi-finals and final show of The Voice and was really impressed by the production quality, the guest singers, and, well, the voices.  I was rooting for Dia Frampton after her stellar duet with her coach, Blake Shelton, and then her original song, Inventing Shadows.  Check them out.  It wasn't until the next day when my iPod was on shuffle and it got to Metric that I realized why I like Dia so much.  Her voice is almost indistinguishable from Emily Haines'. They both have that little girl lilt to their voice that fades into something stronger.

Compare her sound to Emily's:


Anonymous said...

u r so right. i happened to hear a Dia Frampton's song today and i was like - "Is this the girl from metric?"

Anonymous said...

I heard Dia for the first time the other day while shopping in the mall. 'Billy the Kid' was playing and liked it right away. I had no idea who it was until Shazam brought it up (what a great program). Anyway, they sound so much like each other. Begs the question of who came first? Are there more versions of this amazing voice out there. So sexy, yet innocent.