Thursday, October 27, 2011

Condit Dam -- White Salmon River

Gorgeous footage of how Pacific Corp decommissioned the 12-story Condit Dam in Vancouver, WA to make way for spawning white salmon.  Pacific Corp decided to decommission the 98-year old dam instead of building a cost-prohibitive fish ladder.

What's sort of funny is how in the beginning of this video, the fisheries guys say the salmon are "extremely fragile" and need to be handled gently or they could die.  Then we see over the course of the video them measuring the salmon and scraping its eye with the measuring tape, guy bumping a netted salmon on the lip of a container, and then an explosive release of water that SHOOTS the salmon head over tail into another section of the river.

Another surprise is how a resident of the Northwestern Lake was so positive about how the dammed lake was now being changed to a river.  When she was identified as a lake home owner, I thought for sure she'd have misgivings.  I wonder how long Pacific Corp had to search to find a homeowner who was a proponent of this project.


BeachBum said...

That was the lamest 'Fire in the hole!' I've ever heard. Say it with authority, son!

Rob said...

I agree. When I watched it I was convinced it was a reenactment. So, my conclusion is he is the worst actor in the world.