Monday, February 13, 2012

Top 5: 54th Grammy Awards Performances

Wow, what a night of great performances on the Grammys last night.  My top 5 in order of what I enjoyed most:

1. Bruno Mars -- what great pipes he has when not singing some trite song like Millionaire or The Lazy Song.  The energy he infused into that staid audience was as impressive as his James Brown dance moves (including doing the splits).

2. Taylor Swift -- she has never looked or sounded better.  The camera really loves her and the extreme close ups of her did not detract from her beauty.  How perfect were the lyrics to her song, Mean, when sung at the Grammys?

3. Foo Fighters -- why they were relegated to the outside tent baffles me, but it didn't seem to dampen their spirits.  Dave Grohl's pipes are incredible as you likely know if you've ever listened to Skin & Bones (the live performance album).  Their performance performance of their hit, Walk, was powerful and about the only rock song on the whole show.

4. Adele -- it was so great to see her back in good form.  Not great form for her, but still enjoyable.  Her voice was understandably a bit rusty.  I loved how she thanked her throat surgeon, who is partners with my throat surgeon at MGH.

5. Adam Levine -- doing the Beach Boys' Little Surfer Girl.  As Randy Jackson would say, he OWNED it.  Unlike Foster the People's front man who tentatively stepped up to the mic to sing Wouldn't It Be Nice.  When the real Beach Boys took over it was pretty shaky.  Brian Wilson, who admits to suffering from some mental illness, looked like he was having an episode.

Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt's tributed to Etta James was very good also, but didn't crack my Top 5.

Those were the performances I caught before heading to bed.  I've watched Jennifer Hudson doing I Will Always Love You online, and it was decent but, again, didn't make my top 5.  Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy was a bit cheesy.

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