Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fascinating Photos

When I was a young boy, I'd eagerly await the arrival of National Geographic so I could peruse all the wonderful pictures.  I'd cut them out and tape them to my wood-paneled bedroom.  As I'd fall asleep I'd look at all the interesting images that surrounded my bed and fall asleep inspired by the world's beauty.

I had almost the same visceral reaction when I came across this treasure trove of National Geographic pictures from the last century.  It was fun to guess the year each photo was taken based on cars, clothes, hair styles and image quality.  I think I was within a decade for 90% of them, and within five years for 30% of them.  A couple I nailed the exact year.

Four of my favorites.

An Oregon bull rider,1916.

A rhino charges, 1910

Coal Miner, 1938

 Ostrich rider, 1942

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RETA said...

Nice collection of photos!